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Welcome to AGJOBS Employment Services

Providing employment services for agricultural employers and employees through our matching processes in dairy, beef, swine, grain farm, organic, sales, and agri-business organizations.

For the Employer

We personally discuss your needs, match needs with qualified top notch candidates, and arrange interviews.  In turn, the employer is responsible for hiring, orienting, training, developing and setting initial expectations for the new employee.  If you are an employer asking us to help you find qualified people, see our Employer Page or send your request to info@agjobslive.com.

For Job Seekers

We discuss, evaluate, and improve your resume, help you select references, coach you on phone and face-to-face interviews, suggest tips for discussing salary and more.  If you are an employee looking job opportunities, see our Jobs Page or send us your work history or resume to info@agjobslive.com.

Our Vision

AGJOBS, LLC is a preeminent firm that specializes in employment services in the agricultural industry having been involved in career transition for over 30 years. Our commitment is to make a profound difference in the advancement of agriculture to feed the world.
See our Contact Page to ask us questions and find out more about our employment services.

“For a change, the candidate sent to me, and whom I hired, could do all the dairy farm tasks that he said he could do on his resume. Thanks for your help.  Agjobs definitely stands apart from other employment agencies.”    

-Ohio Dairy Farm Owner

“I wanted to thank you and your team for all your help.  All the details have not been ironed out, but I have accepted a position of Operation Manager for a large grain farm in Kansas.”

Applicant started 2 days after accepting job