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Prepare your Resume

Prepare your resume to make the best first impression

Most resumes should contain certain kinds of information about yourself and should be one to two pages.  Review the following major sections of an excellent resume and then look at the example below

  • HEADING (name address, telephone numbers, cell phone numbers, e-mail addresses)
  • SUMMARY (short, concise statement of experience, using words that describe your values, traits and skills and stating benefits to previous employers)
  • EMPLOYMENT HISTORY (company names, city, state, year to year dates of employment, job titles)
  • RESPONSIBILITY STATEMENT (Responsible for………and summarize general duties and frequent tasks)
  • ACCOMPLISJMENT STATEMENTS (Past tense action verbs describing your achievements and contributions to the organization using quantifiable contributions wherever possible)
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (training and courses completed after formal education)
  • EDUCATION (list of school)


Example Resume:

1234 Main Street Somewhere, Minnesota 55113
Phone: 651-555-2222
Cell Phone: 651-555-3333
Email: blakethomas@email.com


HERDSMAN with several years of experience in the dairy industry. High skill levels in the areas of observing herd health and behavior, milking, maternity, breeding, record keeping, nutrition and field-forage-manure-feeding equipment operation. Experienced in operating and maintaining all types of dairy farm and grain farm heavy equipment.



FAMILY FARM, Somewhere, Minnesota.  From/To: December 2007 to March 2012.  500 livestock farm on 1000 acres

Dairy Herdsman and Custom Forage Harvester: Responsible for caring for livestock and operating and maintaining equipment.

  • Responsible for 500 head of dairy and beef cattle
  • Took care of 1000 acres of crop land along with custom work
  • Prepared all documents and paper work that goes along with operation of the business
  • Researched different technology that would benefit the business
  • Maintained heavy equipment along with operating various farm equipment.
  • Ran all types of farm equipment.

SMITH FARMS, INC., Nowhere, Minnesota.  From/To: April 2005 to November 2007.  300 dairy cows on 650 acres

Farm Manager Responsible for managing all aspects of the dairy farm.

  • Ran day to day operations of a successful grain farm
  • Responsible for the marketing of all commodities.
  • Fully involved in planting and harvesting crops.
  • Made useful connections in the industry to help the farm progress in the future.
  • Set farm goals.
  • Used farm business management tools.

SPORTS KING, St. Paul, Minnesota From/To: May 2003 to March 2005 Sporting goods store specializing in hockey equipment.

Sales Person Responsible for selling sporting goods and hockey equipment.

  • Sold all types of sporting goods and equipment.
  • Specialized in the hockey department.
  • Familiar with types of new and used hockey equipment along with repairs.



B.A. Southern College, Mandan, Minnesota, Agriculture-Business Production with Dairy Emphasis Graduate,

Door High School, Centerville, Minnesota



Mike Williams, Herd Manager, Smith Farms Phone: 651-555-4567 My immediate supervisor while working at Smith Farms.

Janet Brown, Veterinarian Phone: 651-555-5678 The veterinarian for Smith Farms.

John Cooper, Instructor, Southern College Phone: 651-555-4567 My agriculture instructor for two semesters during college.


*Reference Tip: We need 3 references from you. All we need is their Name, Phone Number and a sentence stating why you picked that person for a reference. People that qualify as a reference include professional people in the agricultural industry such as immediate supervisors, co-workers, herd managers, herdsman, veterinarians, nutritionist, breeders, equipment and supply dealers.